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Welcome to The DigiWongaDude Show Portal

Currently OFF Air, but frantically prepping for your viewing pleasure - plenty going on behind the scenes here, so watch this space and my timeline for updates and schedule releases.

My DigiWongDude Page on Facebook (come say hi)

Some Demos on this site, for Mr A...

Flash Org Chart (AS2)
(see the flash example at the end of the page - instructions are in the paragraph below it)

Ms Pacman (Flash AS2)
(Use the arrow keys)

Ms Pacman
(Flash AS3 rework in progress: Here I'm trying to implement some dynamic camera zooming!)
(Control instructions are on screen.)

Battle Buttons
(a simple jQuery example for a student on CodeCademy)

HTML5 video demo
(draggable, resizable and constrained to window. (15 lines of jQuery)

Interactive Smilie Animation
(Flash AS2)

An interactive 3D room
(Flash AS3, not Stage3D)

My CodeCademy WordSearch Challenge (JavaScript)
(I added my own solution too - see console for output)

Trigonometry Tutorial
(Flash AS3 - work in progress)

Space Launch!
(CSS3 3D animation, experimental* - click inside the tunnel for take off!)

(CSS3 3D transition, experimental* - click the Go button.)

* That means it may be temperamental on your system depending on the browser, OS and hardware support.