Hi Digi here, with a bit of my Word Search attempt on Codecademy.com.

...for now, all the action goes out to the Console.

Note: The program waits for key presses, so if you try pressing a key with your cursor in the Console, the program won't know about it, so click on the Browser page and press a key there. ;-)

I'll put updates to this file, as things progress...



Here's an interesting one... (with a bug)! It found 4 overlaps all on it's own (no AI or anything), which is the most I've seen with this one, but only lists three. I have no idea where this bug is right now.

Ha! I've spotted it... did you? SPOILER ALERT (hardee-har): 'Toggle' has managed to overlap TWICE across two words (by sheer chance!), but has been pushed to the overlap array of words only once. 2 overlaps, 1 push.